Guided Spearfishing

Spend your money wisely and let Brandon and Ren lead you to the fish with a guided spearfishing trip in North Carolina. We don't just lead you to the fish we coach you on how to be successful on the trip.


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Spearing Trips

The diversity of bottom and Gulfstream fish species in North Carolina is world renown and make outstanding table-fare. Our Bluewater spearfishing trips in the fall, winter and spring months yield Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi and African Pompano and our spring, summer and fall spearfishing trips to the vast hard bottom areas produce species such as grouper, snapper, pompano, grunts, mackerel, cobia and hogfish. Whatever trip you choose, Brandon is sure to put you on the fish. It will be up to you to bring it home.


Brandon West started spearfishing eight years ago when his love of fishing and the ocean introduced him to the underwater world. Born and raised on the crystal coast of North Carolina, the opportunity of some of the world’s best spearfishing and Freediving creates a dive to excel to more than just a past time.  Brandon has since traveled to spearfish with some of the top names in the sport, helped push the spearing possibilities of his home and guided many to their first dream fish!  Most recently, he has pursued a new challenge of becoming a PFI Instructor to both grow the sport safely and push his own depth limits!  Read More


Jake from Charlotte, NC

I absolutely love it when I receive a text about going out a day and a half before the boat is scheduled to depart, especially when it’s a blue water trip!
These last second text and invites are extremely special to me and if you have ever received one then you know exactly what I mean.
For myself the stoke begins as soon as that text is received because I know it’s going to be a BLAST!!!
This last trip was extra special as it was my oldest son’s first time out on a blue water with me. He is obviously he hooked now.
I looking forward to watching him progress within this sport and learning the proper techniques from @evolvefreediving & @brando_west
I still can’t believe the day we had out the there gentlemen!!

Learn Spearfishing

The team at Evolve Freediving is offering a 3 day spearfishing course throughout the year. Sign up and get ahead of the game. Evolve alumni receive a 10% discount towards any of our spearing trips and admission in our spearfishing course. Course includes two days of classroom and pool and I day in the ocean. Ocean charter is an additional charge.



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